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Country Votes Share
United Kingdom United Kingdom 114
United States United States 111
India India 108
Greece Greece 104
France France 101
Germany Germany 98
Indonesia Indonesia 95
Netherlands Netherlands 92
Vietnam Vietnam 92
Sweden Sweden 90
Finland Finland 89
Canada Canada 88
Norway Norway 88
Portugal Portugal 88
New Zealand New Zealand 86
Poland Poland 81
Spain Spain 81
China China 80
Iceland Iceland 78
Switzerland Switzerland 78
Austria Austria 75
Mexico Mexico 75
Japan Japan 74
Australia Australia 69
South Korea South Korea 67

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Hey world wanderers! Ready to embark on a virtual journey to find the ultimate travel destination? We've curated a list of the planet's most enchanting countries, from bustling metropolises to serene landscapes. But here's the twist – it's your turn to play travel critic! Cast your vote for the country that makes your heart skip a beat or your taste buds tingle. Whether it's the scenic beauty, rich culture, or mouthwatering cuisine, your opinion matters. So, grab your virtual passport and join the global adventure as we seek to crown the best country in the world. Your wanderlust ballot awaits!

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